Sunday, August 19, 2007

Senior teacher alleges 'illegal' action by Ruet authorities


Dr M Yakub Hossain
A senior teacher of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (Ruet), after serving 29 years with 'good records' has been 'illegally' put on forced retirement.

He was suspended a year ago by the university authorities 'without any fault and defying a note of descent' by two senior Syndicate members, Prof Dr M Yakub Hossain alleged at a press conference here yesterday. It was held at Rajshahi Metropolitan Press Club.

Dr. Yakub termed the Ruet decision 'highly prejudiced and intentional' and drew the attention of Chancellor of universities President Prof Dr Iajuddin Ahmed and Chief Adviser Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed seeking justice.

He claimed that there is no bad record in his long service period.

"Ruet authorities did never allow me to defend myself. Rather, at times they suppressed and concealed my replies and gave me punishments one after another in last one year", he alleged.

"All these began when I was chairman of computer science and engineering department in 2005.

"A probe team (not approved by the Syndicate) ordered me to arrange a hearing against a junior teacher of my department without letting me know his faults."

"I sought a copy of the complaint (against the junior teacher) but was repeatedly ignored. I could not arrange the hearing without the complaint. For this, Ruet authorities blamed me for disobedience", Dr. Yakub said.

Meanwhile, the RU authorities rewarded the junior teacher by granting him education leave to go abroad.

Breaking norms of seniority and without issuing any notice, the Ruet authorities in January last year removed him from the post of chairman only a couple of months before completion of his two-year term and Dr Ruhul Amin was posted in his position, Dr. Yakub said.

He said he challenged Ruet decisions in High Court on February 5 last year. The HC stayed the Ruet decisions but it violated the court order, Dr. Yakub claimed.

In May last year, the authorities asked for an explanation from him against some allegations. He said he replied but the 13th Syndicate meeting 'arbitrarily' blamed him for not even receiving the official letter, the senior teacher claimed.

Three days after suspension, the letter seeking explanation was withdrawn and new charges were leveled against me, Dr. Yakub said. "I replied again in time", he said.

"But the authorities informed the Syndicate only about the allegations against me, not my replies. I was put on forced retirement at the 19th Syndicate meeting".

Two Ruet Syndicate members --RU vice-chancellor Prof Dr M Altaf Hossain and Prof Dr M Shafi Uddin Mia, dean of civil engineering at Ruetgave notes of descent against the decision, saying service rules were not followed in the decisions, he claimed .

Ruet vice-chancellor Prof Dr AFM Anowarul Haque declined to talk to newsmen on the matter.

Ruet public relations officer Golam Mortuja in an email to newsmen said the decision against Dr Yakub was taken in a proper way following allegations against him.

But Golam Mortuja did not elaborated the allegations. In the email he termed Yakub's press conference seeking justice a 'bid to create anarchy at Ruet'.

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