Wednesday, January 14, 2009

“Shunagoriker Shondhaney” staged at RU

The programme at RU was well attended by teachers, students and noted cultural personalities.Photo: STAR

Anushilon Nattyadal of Rajshahi University staged "Shunagoriker Shondhaney" (in search of ideal citizens) at the Shaheed Minar Mukto-mancho on campus last Saturday.

Activists of Anushilon took part in the show that was followed by a congregation of cultural activists.

The show highlighted the slogan, 'Lets reach out to people, and abandon the culture of unjust take-over.'

RU teacher Moloy Bhoumik, who directed the show, told the audience that the programme was their first attempt to "revive the campus from an almost dark era for cultural activists."

"Cultural practices had been greatly hampered in the last few years following the rise of militancy and influence of religious fanatics on campus," said Bhoumik, as he was going over the background of staging the play.

Religious extremists had unleashed terror on RU campus, threatening cultural activists, he said.

Eminent litterateur Hasan Azizul Haque along with teachers, students, cultural activists and journalists were present on the occasion.

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