Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Complaint filed for '71 murder

Monday, February 23, 2009

Another complaint was lodged against seven people with the Second Court of Judicial Magistrate in Rajshahi yesterday for killing a man during the Liberation War of 1971.
Sufia Biwi, wife of Tasir Uddin of Sinduri village of Mohonpur upazila, lodged the complaint for killing her brother Mofiz Uddin.
Mohed Ali, Nazim Uddin, Ayub Ali Pramanik, Saman Ali Sarder and Manzur Rahman of Sinduri village and Omar Ali of Vaturia village and Abdul Hakim of Badezol village were made the accused in the complaint.
However, Judicial Magistrate M Alamgir will deliver the order today whether the complaint to be accepted or not.
“We lodged the complaint yesterday morning and the court in the evening informed us that it will deliver the order tomorrow (Monday),” Sufia's lawyer Babul Sheikh told The Daily Star but he could not explain the delay in the order.
The plaintiff alleged that the collaborators (Razakars) had link with Jamaat-e-Islami during the war and they used to kidnap the freedom fighters and their sympathisers and tortured them to death after taking them to the Sakoa Madrasa 'Razakar camp'.
The accused kidnapped Mofiz Uddin from his house on November 15, 1971 following a directive from Mohed Ali, 'Razakar' commander of the camp, and his assistant Omar Ali, she said adding they took Mofiz to the camp later after tying his hands and eyes.
She alleged that she along with six other eyewitnesses, mostly her family members, rushed to the camp and begged Mofiz's life but they killed him by gunshots at the camp and dumped the body into an unknown place.
The plaintiff also said she came to the court as Mohonpur police station denied to record the complaint on February 17 this year.
However, Mohonpur police arrested two 'Razakars'-- Daud Hossain and Nur-e Anwar from Mugroil village of the upazila on February 13 in the case, filed for killing 15 persons, including martyr Basir Uddin Sheikh, during the liberation war.
Basir's son Merajul Sheikh filed the case against 19 persons with a Rajshahi court on June 22 last year while police recorded the case on September 13.


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