Thursday, March 12, 2009

JMB linked to BDR massacre: Faruk

Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) is linked to the BDR massacre, Commerce Minister Lt Col (retd) Faruk Khan said today.

"We've so far identified some persons in the BDR who are associated with the JMB," he said, based on feedback from the investigators, UNB adds.

The commerce minister added that it was part of a conspiracy.

Khan was speaking today (Thursday) at the annual meeting of the International Business Forum of Bangladesh at the Hotel Sheraton in the city.

"When the government was moving towards a change for desired development, the conspirators staged the carnage in a bid to 'unsettle' the government and people," he told his business audience.

"A dangerous conspiracy is going on to destroy the development of the country," Faruk added.

The commerce minister said though the opposition party was silent at least for three days after the BDR massacre, now it is acting as a specialist in the matter.

He said people are united in facing the challenge and they have faith in the government and appreciated government's role in tackling the mutiny.

Faruk said people, however, rejected the conspiracy through showing their unity at the time of the nation's critical moment.

On Wednesday, the government appointed Faruk as the head of a committee coordinating various inquiries into the carnage.

He also informed that Joint Stock Company would be automated within next seven days to simplify the registration process for companies and businesses.

Talking about the parliamentary standing committees Faruk said all these watchdog bodies would be made more effective and active for their oversights role in scrutinising government function.

Indicating the businessmen, Faruk said all barriers would be removed gradually to promote trade and commerce in the country.

On February 25-26 BDR Pilkhana headquarters carnage, 74 people were killed including 52 army officers.

The government also sought help from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Scotland Yard of the UK to help probe into the bloodshed.

On March 9, a two-member team of the FBI arrived in the capital while a four-member Scotland Yard team reached yesterday.

Both the teams have started their work.

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