Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rejoinder, our reply

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Engineer M Enamul Haque, lawmaker from Rajshahi-4 (Bagmara) constituency, in a rejoinder to The Daily Star report headlined, "PM issues cheques, MP's men take away," published on April 18, differed on some points of the report.

The rejoinder disagrees with the report's assertion that the cheques issued by the prime minister for the victims of atrocities committed by Bangla Bhai-led gangs were taken away by his men, saying, "The cheques are account payee which leave no scope for anyone else other than the account-holders concerned to convert those."

It also differs on locals' allegations of listing 'fake victims' as grant recipients, saying, "I on my own responsibility prepared the list of victims irrespective of party and acceptable to all."

Our Reply
After receiving the rejoinder, we have further investigated the story and have found our story to be based on fact.

We, therefore, stand by our story.


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