Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rajshahi Zoo otter electrocuted

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An otter (udbiral) was electrocuted inside its cage at Rajshahi Central Zoo yesterday due to alleged negligence of the zoo authorities.

The 13-year-old male otter died instantly as it came in touch with a falling power-line. Its body was taken out from the cage an hour later, zoo sources said.

"The loosened electrical line fell over the cage at around 9:30am when crows sat on the line, and the otter was trying to chew it," said Farhad Uddin, veterinary surgeon of Rajshahi City Corporation (RCC) that operates the zoo.

M Sadekul Islam, an RCC official and in-charge of the zoo, acknowledged that RCC's electricity department is responsible for the incident as they draw line from the main source without any concern for the safety of animals as well as visitors.

The otter was buried behind the zoo control room at 12:00noon after its autopsy, he said.

The female partner of the otter perhaps could not recover from the shock of this tragic incident and stopped showing its acrobatic movement that used to amuse the visitors.

It was observed that electrical lines are drawn through tree branches, and at some places it remains as loose as within the visitors' reach.

Zoo sources said, "Even a gentle wind can blow the wires down."

The snapped electric wire was repaired later but kept at the same place over the cage with possibilities for further accidents.

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