Sunday, June 8, 2008

Menon warns about perils of constitutional review

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Workers Party (WP) President Rashed Khan Menon yesterday warned about the dangers that would result if an unelected government does a review of the constitution.

"Our constitution is based on our independence. Only an elected government can review it. If it is reviewed by an unelected government, a dangerous situation will be created," Menon said at a press conference in Rajshahi.

"If a review of the constitution is opened up, Jammat-e Islami can claim for establishment of Islamic rule, for example, or some other can say that the liberation of the country was a wrong thing," Menon said illustrating his point.

The press conference was held at a city hotel prior to a WP city and district level workers' conference.

Gono Forum leaders on June 2 proposed a review of the constitution and post-election national unity government.

On Wednesday last, Commerce Adviser Hossain Zillur Rahman revealed a government bid to form a "constitutional review commission" which would leave its recommendations to the elected government who would implement them.

"If the reviews are to be implemented by the next government, why should the review body be formed now?" Menon asked adding, "The elected government can do it."

Menon criticised the government steps for framing new laws for local government polls and described the rules as marks of de-politicisation attempts.

He also said the recent mass arrests of grassroot politicians are clear indications of the government's intention of creating terror and fear among political parties, suppressing them and controlling the local government polls.

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