Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rajshahi University closes sine die; Students to vacate halls by this noon

Rajshahi University has been closed sine die following clashes overnight between students and traders at Binodpur area adjacent to the campus.
The authority asked residential students to vacate all their halls in the campus within 12pm. Meanwhile, the students started leaving halls from the midnight when senior RU officio informed of an indefinite closure of the university.
The university high ups in a meeting with local administration opined for the closure in the midnight. Later in the morning, the RU syndicate took the decision formally in a brief emergency meeting in the morning.
The clashes erupted following cheating of a student by businessmen Tuesday afternoon and the melee left around 100 persons hurt, three shops torched, and five others damaged. Attacks were launched at the residence of acting RU vice chancellor Prof Mamnunul Keramat and Shah Makhdum and Sher-e Bangla halls during violence.

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