Wednesday, March 3, 2010

24 key Shibir leaders 'quit' over RU violence; Shibir embroiled itself in conflicts

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At least 24 leaders of Islami Chhatra Shibir including its secretary general Abdullah Al Mamun Chowdhury "quit" from the students' body last night apparently due to internal conflict over the Rajshahi University violence on February 9.

The office secretary and finance secretary of Shibir and the president of its Dhaka University unit were among those who resigned, party sources said.

Shibir insiders said a section of Shibir leaders brought allegations including that of the failure to handle the Rajshahi University incident properly against Shibir President Rezaul Karim and top-level Jamaat-e-Islami leaders.

The Jamaat leaders had held a series of meetings with Shibir leaders at the Al-Falah auditorium in the city yesterday and the day before to resolve the dispute.

Shibir general secretary Mamun in the wee hours today told The Daily Star that he had actually resigned two days ago due to personal reasons.

Asked about the rest of the Shibir leaders' resignation, Mamun refused to comment.

Many Shibir leaders who resigned could not be reached for their comments last night as they kept their mobile phones switched off.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mojaheed's RU role, Shibir president's alleged graft led to mass resignation

A large number of Islami Chhatra Shibir leaders of different tiers are actively considering resigning following internal conflicts between top leaders of Shibir and its parent organisation Jamaat-e-Islami.

A Shibir leader, who resigned on Monday, told The Daily Star, "Frustrated with the internal conflicts and countrywide onslaught against Shibir, many leaders of different units are at the point of resigning from the party."

Top Jamaat leaders' inference in making decisions including that on the recent violence at Rajshahi University (RU) and autocratic attitude of some party bigwigs, including Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed, among other reasons, led to the mass resignation of 26 central Shibir leaders on Monday.

Party insiders said the mass resignation took place in protest at Mojaheed's alleged backing of Shibir President Rezaul Karim against whom Shibir leaders had brought specific evidence of embezzlement and other corruption.

Insiders in the pro-Jamaat student body said they resigned from the organisation because they were kept aside during making crucial decision including the one on the RU unrest.

Besides, a section of Shibir leaders think that Jamaat should apologise for their role in the Liberation War and committing war crimes. They said Shibir should not take the blame and suffer for Jamaat leaders' role in the war.

Seeking anonymity, two senior Jamaat leaders said a clear difference of opinion was created between the Jamaat and Shibir on some latest incidents including the involvement of Shibir in RU killing.

"Top Jamaat leaders force us in taking different decisions as they did during the RU unrest," a recently resigned top Shibir leader of Dhaka University unit told The Daily Star.

"Except the Shibir president and some Jamaat leaders, most of the Shibir leaders did not know anything prior to the killing at Rajshahi University. Moreover, the leaders of our parent organisation misunderstood us and blamed us for the aftermath of the incident," he added.

A few of the leaders, however, said such mass resignation was an attempt to avoid arrest and wrath of the Awami League-led government after the killing at RU.

Sources said different intelligence agencies are keeping an eye on the leaders resigned Monday to ascertain whether they have any plans to destabilise educational institutions.

On corruption of the Shibir president, a Shibir leader who had resigned said Rezaul embezzled organisation's money, which he spent on his marriage. This actually irked the Shibir leaders and they expressed no-confidence in Rezaul.

Jamaat Ameer Matiur Rahman Nizami refused to comment on the issue when reporters sought his comment after a programme at city's Al-Falah auditorium on Tuesday.

Talking to The Daily Star on the allegation against him Mojaheed said, Chhatra Shibir is an independent organisation and there is no scope for interfering in their decision-making process.

Mass resignation of Shibir leaders is a major blow for the student organisation as well as its parent organisation in the last 30 years, commented a Jamaat leader.

Since its inception in 1977, Shibir did not fall in such crisis except the one in 1982 when several party leaders deserted the organisation over the dispute centring Iran revolution, party sources said.

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