Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Intellectuals at Hasina's arrest


Prominent litterateur Hasan Azizul Haque yesterday termed the AL chief Sheikh Hasina's arrest as misfortune of the nation and said that establishment of democracy would be deferred at the move.


Besides, 131 RU teachers in a joint statement expressed their anxiety and demanded Hasina's release.


"There is no fortune for the nation in her arrest. It will create doubt (Bibhranti) among people", Prof Hasan, also a retired Philosophy professor of Rajshahi University (RU) said talking to a group of newsmen.


"There might be positive or negative impact (in the arrest), she (Hasina) should be judged by an elected government...the more the election is deferred in this way, the nation will be discouraged and democratisation will be delayed", he said.


The joint statement signatories include professors -- Abdus Sobhan, Mohammad Nurullah, Ananda Kumar Saha, Mahbubur Rahman, Fayekuzzaman, Moloy Bhoumik, Sujit Sarker, Dr Mizan Uddin, Mozaffar Hossain, Entajul Haque, SM Abu Bakar, Jalal Uddin, Shamsuddin Illias, Golam KAbir Sayed Shamsuddin Ahmed and Abul Kashem.


They said in the statement that Hasina was sent to jail, despite there was no lawyer for her at the court. "This resembles that the law was not taking its own course".


"We are deeply concerned and anxious at her arrest when fundamentalists are out to jeopardize the country's sovereignty".


They urged the government to uphold the law and human rights as per rules of the land.

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