Thursday, May 15, 2008

Indoor political activities resume countrywide

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Indoor political activities resume countrywide
Many political leaders gathered at their district party offices and exchanged greetings with each other while office staff of some of the parties were busy cleaning up the party offices.

On the very first day of their activities, almost all district level leaders of Awami league (AL) demanded the release of their party chief Sheikh Hasina before the upcoming elections. Similarly, the BNP district level leaders also demanded that their chief Khaleda Zia be released prior to the polls.

Many of the leaders expressed disappointment over the CA's address to the nation as the CA in his speech did not specify when the state of emergency would be withdrawn and address the issue of releasing the chiefs of the two major political parties of the country.

Our staff correspondent from Rajshahi reports: With no leader to organise them and having no active committee or an office in the city, the Rajshahi unit activists of BNP yesterday were seen gathering at different city points and roaming around private chambers and houses of different district and student leaders.

Out of five former lawmakers who used to lead the unit, one is behind bars, two are on the run, one fled the country and the other is now incapable of leading the party due to illness.

AL leaders in Rajshahi yesterday held their first meeting at the Kumarpara office of the party and criticised the government for an impending disaster in the agriculture sector. They also demanded party chief Sheikh Hasina's release.

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