Friday, November 7, 2008

100 Indian snakes to be released in Sundarbans

The authorities yesterday decided to release about 100 Indian snakes, seized by the BDR members recently, in Sundarbans as two snakes died on Tuesday. The officials of customs and forest departments started for the Sundarbans with the snakes in eight boxes.

The snakes were lying uncared for since the BDR men seized them at Char Majhardiar border point on November 2 when a snake charmer was smuggling them into the country from India.
Land Customs Officer of Rajshahi Customs Godown Hasanuzzaman said the forest department at first denied to accept them but agreed to release them in Sundarbans after two snakes had died, he added.
BDR men said Mohammad Hossain, a snake charmer of Savar in Dhaka, collected the snakes from Bardwan district of West Bengal.

The report originated at The Daily Star

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