Thursday, December 18, 2008

Birds falling prey to traps

An orchard keeper trying to untangle a bird from illegal fine nets put up around the farm at Chandipur of Rajshahi to protect fruits on trees. Photo: STAR

Around 200 birds of various species were killed in the last 20 days after getting tangled up in illegal fine nets while flying around a fruit orchard at Chandipur in the city.The birds include sparrow, bulbuli, haludia, firingi, oriole and vampires and bats.Two fruit growers covered their joint orchards on over one acre of land with fine nets 20 days ago to protect fruits, especially plum, from birds.On an average 10 birds are getting trapped in the nets and dying every day, said labourers at the orchard. Around 12 birds were found dead yesterday.The labourers added that they try to save birds entangled during the day, but they cannot help those that get caught in the nets during the night.The area is now filled with the stink of the dead birds.An employee of the orchard told The Daily Star that they are not aware that fine nets are illegal. "If it is illegal, we will take down the nets even if it incurs losses to us," he said.

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