Saturday, December 27, 2008

BNP, Jamaat in Rajshahi-3 locked in internal feuds

In Rajshahi-3 (Paba-Mohonpur) constituency, grand alliance candidate Miraj Uddin Mollah is in a better position than the candidates of four-party alliance belonging to BNP and Jamaat-e Islami who are locked in internal feuds. Former BNP lawmaker Kabir Hossain is fighting here with the symbol of paddy sheaf against Rajshahi city Jamaat Ameer Ataur Rahman with scale symbol. Voters said Miraj has intensified his campaign as his chances of winning the seat has become brighter amid fighting between Kabir and Ataur. While addressing several election meetings, supporters of Kabir, also liberation war affairs secretary of central BNP, have called for resisting Jamaat candidate at any cost.On the other hand, Jamaat leaders at their election meetings are criticising Kabir as 'unfit' candidate as he is physically ill with parts of his body are already paralysed.Kabir, a senior politician of local BNP, is a 'victim of Jamaat politics' to capture the BNP stronghold of Rajshahi, said a follower of Kabir who had been winning Rajshahi-2 (Sadar) constituency since 1991 election. But during 2001 election when BNP formed an alliance with Jamaat-e Islami, the then Rajshahi mayor and pro-Jamaat BNP leader Mizanur Rahman Minu snatched away the BNP nomination for Rajshahi-2 constituency.As a result Kabir had to contest from Rajshahi-5 (Bagha-Charghat) seat and won the election. Kabir's followers who have a vote bank in Rajshahi-2 constituency blamed Minu for his role in Ataur's candidacy against Kabir in Rajshahi-3 and they are remaining absent from Minu's campaign in the city.

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