Sunday, December 21, 2008

Minu prints 5 lakh posters

Published On: 2008-12-19

Nearly 5 lakh posters are being used for election campaign of BNP candidate Mizanur Rahman Minu in Rajshahi-2 constituency where the number of voters is just half of the posters.Prior to BNP chief Khaleda Zia's visit Thursday night, the entire Rajshahi city was almost covered with posters of Minu.According to Minu's election workers, a truck loaded with papers for printing around five lakh posters are now stored at Provat Printing Press in the city.Minu, also former Rajshahi mayor in his nomination papers submitted with the election commission stated that his annual income is Tk 25,000 from agriculture.In his statement of probable election expenditure, Minu stated that he would spend Tk 3 lakh he earned as mayoral honorarium and agriculture.He also stated that he would borrow Tk 5.75 lakh from his relatives, including Tk 3.75 lakh from relatives staying in the United States and he would get Tk 2.5 lakh voluntary donations.

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