Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lalpur Free Day today

Today is Lalpur Free Day. On this day in 1971, Lalpur was liberated from the occupation of Pakistani forces. Earlier on the night of March 25, the occupation forces killed many people including Najmul Haque Sarkar MNA, Beeren Sarkar Ukil and Sayedur Rahman, manager of Shilpa Bank, in Lalpur.In protest, the local leaders at an emergency meeting formed a defence force comprising ex-soldiers, ansars and general people on March 27.They were provided with arms recovered from the local police station, Sardah Police Training Centre and North Bengal Sugar Mills.The meeting was attended by Omar Faruk Sarkar, Dr Khalilur Rahman, Chairman Hajir Uddin Sarkar, Dr Abul Kashem and Babu Bolai Chandra. The defence force took over the control of Ishwardi airport on March 28and destroyed the 25 regiment of Pakistan Army in a frontline battle on March 30. A total of 80 freedom fighters were killed and 32 others injured in that operation. Besides, three villagers of Chamtia village were killed as the Pakistani soldiers threw a bombshell to that village. Another 10 people were killed in a face-to-face battle near the Dhanaidaha Bridge on April 12. The Pakistan army let loose a reign of terror and committed genocide at different places of Natore. In collaboration with the Rajakars, they killed around 200 workers, employees and officials of North Bengal Sugar Mills on May 5.The occupation forces also killed hundreds of innocent villagers at Gopalpur, Poytarpara and Ramkrishnapur during the month of July.They also committed rapes and looted properties of the common peopleas of December 10 when the freedom fighters drove them from the area and occupied the police station. To mark the occasion, a discussion meeting will be held at Lalpur Press club today.

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